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Fischer's Furniture Restoration Furniture Care Guide
Taking care of your fine furniture is easier than you may think. 
Cleaning your furniture for the most part involves only a simple dusting with a clean soft lint free cloth or an anti static cleaning cloth you can purchase at home centers or hardware stores. To clean food based spills, a slightly dampened cloth will do the trick followed with a dry lint free cloth or paper towel to dry and prevent water spots.
Do not use silicone or solvent based furniture polishes. Over-polishing can cause your furniture finish to soften over time and build-up of the polish resulting in a finish that will wear faster and lose it's luster over time. Oil soaps should also be avoided as they will also cause a build-up of residue from the ingredients contained in them. Most spills on furniture can be cleaned with a damp cloth followed by a dry cloth.
We recommend the use of place mats and coasters when using your furniture. When moving objects, they should be lifted rather than dragged across a finish. This will help prevent scratching from possible abrasive surfaces on the bottom of objects. Over time you can expect some small scratches to appear through normal use.
Coasters,table clothes and place mats should have a felt or fabric bottom on them. Some vinyl and plastics have chemicals in them that can re-act and melt into a finish. Direct contact from these materials should be avoided.
Use caution with telephones or other electronics that have plastic or rubber foot pads which can react with some finished surfaces. 
Do not use nail polish remover,nail polish,hair spray,perfume, potpourri and any other product that may contain solvents. They can and will damage most finished surfaces. Do not use these products on or near any wood finished furniture.
Avoid placing your furniture in strong direct sunlight. UV rays from the sun can cause finishes to dry and fade prematurely. Stains and wood can fade and discolor from constant exposure to sunlight. We use finishes and stains that have UV absorbers contained in them to prevent fading, but it is best to error on the side of caution to lessen the chance.
Avoid exposing your finished furniture to hot and moist items such as coffee cups or other dishes heated up in the microwave. These items are not only are extremely hot, but they can also have moisture on the underside which can damage some finishes. Live potted plants should not be placed on finished surfaces. They can leak and have condensation build-up on the underside which over time can penetrate most finishes and cause delamination of the finish and wood veneers. Most modern furniture bought in stores today have veneers over MDF(Medium density fiberboard). If water comes into contact with the MDF, it will swell up causing un-repairable damage to your finished furniture.
We recommend storing table leafs flat. They should be placed in a soft cloth table leaf bag flat with the apron facing up. the best place to store table leafs is under a bed or in a closet on a shelf. Do not store table leafs leaning on their sides as warping may occur.
Chairs should be sat in with all 4 legs on the floor. Avoid leaning back in a chair on the rear 2 legs. Doing so will cause more stress on the other joints and can cause loosening.
Controlling relative humidity and temperature will also insure that your furniture will last for many years. With extreme fluctuations in temperature and humidity your furniture can be damaged.
In most cases, with just a little common sense and caution your furniture will last for many years. If you take care and avoid situations that may damage your finished furniture, you will not only keep it looking nice for many years to come, but will avoid a situation where you have to hire us to refinish your furniture.
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